SmartPacks are an easy way to make sure you take your medications at the right time every day.

Pre-Labeled Packaging

Never worry about missing a dose again. Each medication is clearly sorted and organized into a roll of packets that is clearly labeled with the time and day it should be taken.

Auto Refills & Renewals

All of your maintenance medications will be set to auto-refill. We also coordinate with your doctor to get renewals on time. You never need to worry about running out.

Same Copay & Free Delivery

We package and deliver your medications for free and your copay will stay the same! When you request your SmartPack, your pharmacist will sort and organize your medications and your package will arrive at your doorstep at no additional cost.

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Your copay will be the same. Delivery is always free.

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Careful Sorting

Each SmartPack is carefully reviewed by our pharmacists. We coordinate with you and your doctor to ensure you get the world-class care you deserve.

Pharmacist Consultation

Our pharmacists are available 7 days a week. Call or text anytime if you have questions about your treatment or medications. Same pharmacist care from the convenience and privacy of your home.

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Alto phoned and walked me through the Co-Pays I would owe and scheduled a delivery time for me. They texted when they were coming over and when they arrived. I even had a candy in the box, yum!

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Bay Area, CA

I have to say I was a bit skeptical when my doctor told me I should use Alto instead of Walgreens. She assured me that if anything went wrong, she would contact them and they would be in touch immediately. Well, she was right. Alto does not disappoint. You pick your preferred way for them to contact you (phone, email or text)...

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Bay Area, CA

There is nothing better then getting your prescription delivered right to your door while you're sick at home! If you don't get your prescription through Alto, you need to! Best thing ever!

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Bay Area, CA