Generic Substitution

Where mandated or permitted by law, a less expensive FDA-approved generic equivalent drug or interchangeable biological product may be substituted, unless otherwise requested by your prescriber, when the brand name is deemed medically necessary. You have a right to refuse this substitution, where allowed, and agree to make any such request prior to scheduling a prescription for delivery. Please consult your pharmacist or prescriber for more information.

Prescription Drug Monitoring

A prescription drug monitoring program (PMP or PDMP) is an electronic database maintained by state regulatory agencies that tracks dispensed prescriptions and is typically used to help prevent inappropriate uses of controlled substances, such as fraud and diversion. Some states may also require tracking of prescriptions for medications that are not controlled substances. Alto Pharmacy participates in state prescription drug monitoring programs as permitted and required by law.

If you receive a prescription for a controlled substance or other reportable medication, certain identifying prescription information will be reported to the appropriate states’ prescription drug monitoring program(s). This may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Patient Name, Address, and Date of Birth

  • Drug Dispensed, Date, Quantity and Dosage, Number of Days’ Supply, Number of Refills

  • Patient’s Health Care Provider

  • Pharmacy Name (where prescription is filled)

Please consult your pharmacist or prescriber for more information.