About the iPledge Program

Dec 9, 2020


Alto Pharmacy

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Understanding the role of your doctor, Alto Pharmacy, and most importantly, you.

In case you’re wondering what exactly is involved when signing up for isotretinoin treatment, you are not alone. The process can be quite daunting, and there are additional steps and precautions to take via iPledge.

The iPledge program is a risk management system that was enacted by the Federal Drug Administration in order to minimize/eliminate incidents of fetal exposure to isotretinoin through a system of restricted distribution. A checklist of criteria must be met prior to dispensing the medication.

  • Doctor: Counsel, conduct lab work as necessary and provide prescription

  • Patient: Consent to treatment and use medication as directed, complete questionnaire (www.ipledgeprogram.com), complete lab work as necessary, attend all appointments with doctor

  • Alto: Receive prescription, verify iPledge requirements for doctor and patient, process insurance if applicable, and dispense

You, your doctor, and Alto Pharmacy have a shared responsibility to monitor and fulfill iPledge requirements. Failure to do so may result in additional/repeated lab work and delays with treatment. Although it may seem that there are many hurdles to obtain this medication, their sole purpose is to ensure safe conditions to begin treatment so that you can achieve your desired health outcome!