Alto's Mission & Values

Oct 1, 2023


By Jamie Karraker, Co-founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill medicine’s true purpose — to improve quality of life — for everyone who needs it.

Our Values

At Alto, our values guide us everyday. They inform our decisions, both big and small, as well as our actions. They ensure that we continue to grow together with a shared understanding of what matters most and how we conduct ourselves. In late 2022, we recognized an opportunity to update our values. Many remain, but we’ve refined the language to ensure they are understood by all. As we’ve grown and matured as a company, we saw the need to introduce some new  values to reflect where we are today, and where we’ll be in the future.

Patients Come First

We have many valued customers, but we always start with the patient and work backwards from their needs. This keeps us true to our core obsession to create a healthcare company that cares about helping people above all else.


We remain resolute to our commitments, spend money and other resources as if they are our own, and take responsibility for our decisions, performance, and teams. Leadership importance is not measured by headcount or budget size.

Seek to Understand

We demonstrate humility by assessing the status quo, inviting the opinions of others, disproving our assumptions, and exposing our biases. We seek out and listen intently to the perspectives of fellow Altoids and customers. We chase learning relentlessly and celebrate our shared successes.

Communicate with Candor

We speak our minds, openly debate and disagree, expose the truth, and invite feedback from others especially when it is uncomfortable to do so or reveals things that would rather be hidden.

Sprint through two-way doors

We bias for action and move quickly when decisions are reversible, apply learnings as we go, and race towards the ideal state over time. We rigorously assess one-way door decisions and proceed carefully only with the necessary mechanisms in place to monitor and manage the risks.

Go to N=1

We rely on data to guide us while recognizing that important insights lie hidden in the details.  We move with agility between the big picture and small details to reveal what matters most and inform next steps.

Think 10x

We solve existing and future patient needs with solutions that only seem obvious after the fact. Our innovations scale and sustain success today and tomorrow.

Chip Away at It

We make history day by day, patient by patient. With small, intentional progress we can accomplish extraordinary feats.

Always Raise the Bar

We set ambitious goals and hold ourselves to audacious standards. We deliver solutions that go beyond viable to lovable.

Dance in the Storm

Pioneering invigorates us. Challenges and failures inform next steps rather than overshadowing the joy of the journey.

Putting our values into practice

Values themselves are just words, and the words themselves are not that important. What’s important is how we live them day in and day out, and the culture they support. In the months ahead, we’ll continue to integrate these values into the fabric of our company processes, our products, our customers’ experiences, and our work lives. And this work is not something just a few leaders or HR team members do -every Altoid has a hand in bringing these values to life and co-creating our culture.