Alto Pharmacy’s Las Vegas Team is Committed to Community Service

Apr 21, 2020


Alto Pharmacy

Two team members at Alto’s Las Vegas Pharmacy spearheaded an initiative to deliver school supplies and meals to children around Las Vegas who depend on school meals and were impacted by school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The COVID-19 crisis has had rippling effects across communities. Miles Fray, a Pharmacy Technician, and Bang Le, Pharmacist-In-Charge at Alto Pharmacy Las Vegas, worked together to ensure the team at Alto could do its part to support the community. We spoke with Miles and Bang about the initiative they launched with the health plan Teachers Health Trust (THT) and the non-profit Serving our Kids Foundation to help address childhood hunger for children impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What prompted your team to launch a program to support hungry children in Las Vegas?

Bang: The idea to support children was Miles’ idea. We are all impacted by the quarantine and everything related to COVID-19.  I’ve been living in Las Vegas for the past seven years and wanted to be able to help people in the community. I asked my team what they want to do to give back, and Miles suggested we start a food drive to help out hungry kids.

Miles: I grew up here in Las Vegas, and this is my community. I was interested in starting a service program because when times are tough, any type of positivity you can put out there makes a big difference. I wanted to tap into Alto’s resources to help children in need since we have a lot of unique capabilities, like our expertise planning delivery routes. I know that a lot of kids around here depend on school for their meals and when schools were closed because of the shelter in place order, I figured there would be children in need.

How are you partnering with THT and Serving our Kids Foundation to support the community?

Bang: Once we decided we wanted to do a food drive, we reached out to the CEO of THT, an organization we are already work with (Alto is THT’s preferred pharmacy partner.) THT was already talking to the Serving Our Kids Foundation about a food drive and brought us in to help with delivery. THT identifies children who are impacted by school closures and need food donations; Serving our Kids Foundation collects donations of food and school supplies; and Alto’s delivery couriers provide safe, no contact delivery of meals and school supplies to children in need.

Miles: It’s been a pretty perfect partnership. Each of us has a piece to make the whole initiative work. 

Bang: It’s great that Alto can help bring our systems and processes to help make this program work during this time. Our team already has policies in place for no contact delivery of medications, and we can use our technology platform to easily plan delivery routes for the food donations.

What has been the impact so far?

Miles: This came together really quickly after the shelter in place order came through, but we’ve already been able to reach a lot of families. Our couriers have delivered meals to 385 children so far.  With each first delivery to a child, we include a backpack that also includes pens, pencils, a coloring book and other school supplies so the children can prepare for the next school year.  

Bang: We’re really happy to be helping support Serving Our Kids Foundation to carry out their work at this time. They are an amazing organization that delivers 3,500 meals a week and works hard to serve children in need. We’ve also been happy that we can provide extra hours to our courier team members during this time.

What is next for this initiative and your team?

Miles: We are committed to continuing to provide delivery support for meals through the end of this school year in May.

Bang: We are so happy that Alto empowered us to take initiative to start this program. Alto’s support of our goal to help the community helps us stay grounded in our mission as we expand. We’re still a fairly new pharmacy here in Las Vegas and as we grow and start to serve more customers, we don’t want to lose how we started as a local community pharmacy. This program is one way we can support others in the communities we serve.

Read about Alto’s recent launch as a full-service pharmacy in Las Vegas here. Learn more about Teachers Health Trust and the Serving our Kids Foundation.

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