Help Us Shape the Future of Healthcare

Dec 3, 2020


By Jamie Karraker, Co-founder

Working at Alto isn’t just a job. For every team member, from product designers to pharmacists to patient care gurus, Alto is a means to a fulfilling career focused on making a difference in the lives of people who rely on prescription medicine to lead healthy, happy lives. In the process, we’re also changing an industry that has long gone unchecked.

Our mission is to fulfill medicine’s true purpose — to improve quality of life — for everyone who needs it. That takes a dedicated team of mission-driven, value-minded people. Read on to figure out if Alto is the right career move for you.

What Is Alto?

At the highest level, Alto is a pharmacy. But we are not a traditional pharmacy. Instead of operating dozens of small-volume distribution sites across a metro area like chain pharmacies, we own and operate high-volume pharmacy fulfillment centers staffed by small, highly efficient teams supported by proprietary technology. We have one fulfillment center per metro area that we serve, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County, and a centralized operations facility in Denver. Out of our fulfillment centers, we process and fill prescription orders and deliver directly to patients’ homes or offices by way of our free, same-day courier service.

On top of the convenience and accessibility of same-day delivery, Alto has three product pillars that allow us to deliver an exceptional experience to our users: the Alto Patient app, Alto MD, and Wunderbar. Learn more about our products and our industry-disrupting business model.

How We’re Growing & Evolving

Alto is the world’s most patient-centric pharmacy. Our goal is not simply to distribute prescription medications but to improve patients’ health outcomes and their quality of life and to make those improvements accessible to everybody.

To get to that point, we need to understand what’s preventing patients from accessing all the benefits medicine has to offer. We believe it’s especially important to address the high-level problem of non-adherence, which is when patients don’t take the medication they’re prescribed. It also means learning how to scale our technology and processes to bring our products to more people in current and new markets. To achieve both of these things, we need to first scale our team. Learn more about Alto’s potential for growth and plans for the future, and how our team contributes to our success.

The Alto Culture

Loving what you do starts with doing something you believe in. It’s enriched by working alongside people who share your goals in an environment conducive to your work style and aspirations. At the foundation of Alto’s culture is our mission; our core values like acting empathically, thinking rigorously, making impact, staying humble, and putting patients first; the diverse backgrounds of our team members; and the supportive but highly autonomous way we get work doneLearn more about the Alto’s values and culture through the eyes of our CTO and co-founder, Jamie Karraker.

Like What You’ve Read?

If Alto sounds like an environment you would thrive in, we would love to hear from you! We’re always on the lookout for great people to fill in our product, design, engineering, analytics, people, recruiting, finance, sales, business operations, logistics, pharmacy, and patient care teams. Check out our open positions to see if there is an opportunity that’s right for you!