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Jun 7, 2023


Alto Pharmacy

Staying on track with treatment and fully benefiting from a medication entails more than simply filling a prescription. It requires patients to take an active role in their health journeys, with education, clinical monitoring, and side effect management all necessary for proper drug utilization.

Pharmacists are an invaluable healthcare resource for those with complex treatment plans. Unfortunately, the traditional retail and mail-order models fail to maximize the possibilities of pharmacy care, without opportunities for ongoing engagement with patients. Not only are retail pharmacists often inundated with many tasks, it’s difficult for patients to discuss their health in a crowded store with a line of other customers behind them. And patients receiving their medication by mail often have limited visibility into delivery details or difficulty connecting with the pharmacy team. 

Alto Pharmacy offers a supported and convenient prescription journey at every step. We ensure that our patients have the information they need to get started with specialty medications and feel confident about their care. In addition to providing a simple onboarding experience, we have a team with robust clinical expertise and a high-touch model that allows patients to easily benefit from it.

We are also expanding our reach to fertility patients through our new nationwide* mail-order offering. Patients who receive fertility medications through mail-order experience the same convenience and support as those we serve via local courier delivery, with seamless onboarding, easy and supported medication management, and access to experts. 

And with an integrated and customizable tech stack — including both our proprietary pharmacy management software and our patient app — there are many ways for partners to provide additional engagement and supplement other support programs.

Here’s how Alto’s model enhances medication education and gives you, as a partner, the opportunity to more deeply engage our shared patients.

Easier Onboarding at Alto Pharmacy

Alto offers a supportive and simple patient onboarding experience with proactive multichannel communication. We give patients a welcome text or call within 60 minutes of receiving their prescription, guiding them through their first order. Those who need to transfer an existing prescription to Alto can do so within minutes in our app.

If more information is necessary to fill a prescription, we make sure that patients and providers are both fully in the loop. We keep the patient informed at every step of the billing process, offering support with prior authorizations as needed. Through Alto Connect, our free communications portal for providers, clinical teams can view active medication details and quickly understand when additional steps are required to fill a prescription.

Partner Opportunities to Supplement Patient Support

The majority of Alto patients use our app for intake, medication ordering, and delivery scheduling. Not only does this give patients control and convenience in managing their prescriptions, it provides opportunities for additional engagement from partners.

Our flexible technology capabilities allow for many possibilities, including in-app introductions to your medications. In this video, a specialist from our fertility team walks patients through injecting the Gonal-f® RFF Redi-ject® Pen.

View other injection videos here.

Follow-Up and Improving the Patient Experience

Easy onboarding is just the beginning. Alto supports patients at every stage of the prescription journey so that they can get the most benefit from their medication. Our dedicated medication therapy management pharmacists, who focus entirely on disease state education and support for chronic conditions, proactively contact patients who take specialty medications to review their regimens.

We ask if they are experiencing any side effects and track all patient-reported outcomes. As a partner, you can have access to data and insights into your patients’ experience of your medications.

We’re also able to tailor a patient’s treatment to any titration schedule prescribed by their provider. In these cases, we inform the patient of this schedule and change in medication dosage at every step of the treatment.

We see our NPS of 88 as an attestation of our patients’ love and commitment to both Alto and their health. 

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