How to Have an Easy Alto Pharmacy Delivery Experience

May 23, 2023


Alto Pharmacy

photo of an alto courier delivering a woman's medication right to her front door

When you’re happy, we’re happy. That’s why we put together a quick guide with four tips for a great delivery experience, based on what we’ve learned from making more than a million deliveries to Alto customers just like you.

1. Share delivery instructions

Share any information needed to access your house or apartment  — for example, your intercom, gate code or apartment number/letter — by verifying your delivery address details and completing the “Delivery Instructions'' section in the Alto app. Head to Account > Delivery Addresses > Edit Address> Delivery Instructions to provide all of the specific info our delivery team needs to find your location. (If you don’t want us to ring the doorbell, this is the place to note that, too!)

2. Review your medication’s signature requirements

For controlled substances and medications of more than $500, either you or an authorized signer will need to be present to sign for your delivery. Many Alto customers with limited mobility choose to designate a caregiver as an authorized signer. Head to Account > Delivery Addresses > Edit Address> Delivery Instructions in the Alto app to add an authorized signer .

If an authorized signer is receiving medication on your behalf, they will be asked to sign for the medication and share their full name with our driver, who will note it in our delivery tracking system.

3. Designate a safe delivery space (and leave the front lights on!)

If your medication does not require a signature, you may schedule your delivery for a time when you are not at home by designating a safe space in the Alto app. Head to Account > Delivery Addresses > Edit Address > Delivery Instructions to provide all the specific info for your safe space. As a reminder, due to federal law, mailboxes are no longer accepted as safe spaces. Pro tip: you may also designate a separate safe space in case of rain or snow!

4. Secure your pets

We love pets, but please keep your four-legged friends secured when your delivery arrives, both for our drivers’ comfort and your animal’s safety.

Get the pharmacy care you deserve

At Alto, we’re more than just a pharmacy — we’re a partner in your health, and we go above and beyond to get you the medication you need at the best price we can.

Delivery is only the beginning. Our pharmacists are available 7 days/week, even nights and weekends to answer any questions you have about your medication. We also offer support with insurance.

Reach out any time through in-app secure messaging or by phone at 1-800-874-5881 to learn more or transfer your prescriptions to Alto.