Introducing Alto Connect

Nov 8, 2021


Alto Pharmacy

Big news from the team here at Alto: today we launched Alto Connect, the industry’s first mobile app for clinical teams to track prescriptions and message with the pharmacy on-the-go! You’ll also see the new Alto Connect brand on our desktop portal, formerly known as AltoMD: new name, same great pharmacy services.

Two Apps Are Better Than One

The Alto Connect mobile app is the next evolution of Alto’s custom-built provider communications center, formerly known as AltoMD. Alto was the first pharmacy in the United States to offer a prescriber-focused pharmacy communication platform when the original desktop-based AltoMD product launched in March 2016. Since then, more than 500 doctors offices have integrated Alto Connect into their daily workflows and prescription management.

Doctors offices who work with Alto Pharmacy can now access Alto Connect across all of their devices, providing greater flexibility and convenience for monitoring prescriptions on busy days spent juggling patient consultations and other business needs. Instead of spending hours on the phone or fighting with the fax machine, Alto Connect provides instant access to prescription information and pharmacy messaging, and Alto Connect users can move seamlessly between the two platforms throughout their workday.

Total prescription transparency

With Alto Connect, clinical staff can view all current prescriptions at Alto Pharmacy, including delivery status, out-of-pocket costs and refills. You'll never have to wonder if a patient picked up their prescription or stayed on track with their refills between visits - our system tells you exactly where every prescription stands for every patient.

Easy messaging

Have a question for our pharmacy team? Curious about insurance coverage, delivery times, or other aspects of our service? Our team is here to help! You can send us a general message or ask a question specific to one of your patient's prescriptions.

Timely alerts

Alto Connect's push and email notifications alert you when a prescription needs additional information to move forward — most commonly, a clinical clarification or additional data needed for a prior authorization. We'll only alert you when we're certain we need your team's input, so you can stay focused on your patients.

Get started

Using AltoMD on your computer today? Nothing changes other than the name! Ready to try Alto Connect mobile for yourself? Scan the QR code above to download the app - your AltoMD login works on the mobile app. 

Need help setting up an Alto Connect account or want training for your staff? Reach out to

Believe in a better pharmacy

Believe in a better pharmacy

Believe in a better pharmacy