A Full Pharmacy At Your Doorstep: Introducing Essentials from Alto

Nov 7, 2022


Alto Pharmacy

Since the beginning, Alto has delivered a full-service pharmacy experience straight to your doorstep. With the launch of Essentials from Alto, we’re now covering even more of your pharmacy needs.

This new offering gives you the option to purchase essential pharmacy items right from your Alto account, from Tums® and Tylenol® to Covid tests, face masks, and more. It’s all part of our promise to make it easy to prioritize your health and wellness — and to keep you out of long pharmacy lines, of course.

You can browse our Essentials Store by tapping the "Store" icon along the bottom of the Alto mobile app or the "Store" icon in your account on desktop.

Here’s a sneak peak at what to expect.

What it is

Essentials from Alto is a curated collection of over 50 widely used pharmacy products, conveniently featured in the Alto app.

The Assortment

At Alto, customers always come first, with all of our services designed to support your health and wellness. When developing Essentials from Alto, we made sure to include both general use items as well as products related to our core therapeutic areas.

Items available for purchase include but are not limited to:

  • Allergy & asthma essentials including Claritin®, Flonase®, Benadryl®, and Allegra®

  • Cough & cold essentials including Nyquil® and Dayquil®

  • Covid care essentials including rapid antigen tests and medical-grade face masks

  • Diabetes care essentials including glucose tablets

  • Digestive health essentials including Tums, Gas-X®, and stool softeners

  • Pain & fever relief essentials including Advil® and Tylenol

  • Skin care essentials including sunscreen

  • Vitamin & supplement essentials including vitamin D, vitamin C, fish oil, melatonin, and prenatal vitamins

Payment and delivery

You can order Essentials products whenever you need them, or add them to your next prescription delivery.

As a reminder, your payment method options include Apple Pay, FSA/HSA, debit and credit cards, and automatic funds transfer.

To schedule a delivery, pick the day and delivery window that works best and let us know if we should bring your order to your home or office. You can designate a safe place for packages to be left if you won’t be home. 

Get tips for an easy Alto delivery experience.

Tell us what you think

We designed Essentials from Alto to better serve customers like you, and your feedback is key to improving the experience.

We’ll continue to refine our assortment of pharmacy essentials as we go. If there’s a particular product you’d like to see in the shop, we’re all ears. Send us a message at feedback@alto.com

Get the pharmacy care you deserve

At Alto, we’re more than just a pharmacy — we’re a partner in your health. We go above and beyond to get you the medication you need at the best price possible.

Free, same-day delivery is only the beginning. Our pharmacists are available until 9 pm PST on weeknights and 6 pm PST on weekends to answer any questions you have about your medication. We also offer support with insurance and finding the best price possible on your prescriptions.

Reach out any time through secure in-app messaging or by phone at 1-800-874-5881 to learn more or transfer your prescriptions to Alto.

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