More Choices and Control With New Alto Connect Notifications

Oct 28, 2021


Alto Pharmacy

Editor's Note: The post was updated on November 8, 2021 to reflect the rebrand of AltoMD to Alto Connect.

Choose when and how you are notified about prescriptions with our Prescriber Notifications feature.

Starting tomorrow, February 14th, Alto Connect users have access to improved prescriber-based notification options in Alto Connect. These new settings help users manage which patient prescriptions generate email notifications for pharmacy actions.

These changes allow you to:

  • Control which patient prescriptions generate email alerts when there are pharmacy questions or actions;

  • Subscribe to updates by the patient or by the prescriber; and

  • Keep your email inbox clean and focused only on the patients you work with on a daily basis.

Why notifications?

Occasionally, Alto will need additional information from a clinic to fill a patient’s prescriptions. For clinics using Alto Connect, the Alto team can send brief messages via the portal rather than having to reach out via phone, voicemail or fax. These messages can be quickly responded to in between rooming patients or while handling other administration duties — no more waiting on hold or playing phone tag with the pharmacy!

Notifications allow Alto Connect users to receive email alerts when there is a new message requiring the clinic’s attention. To help you limit which patient alerts you receive, Alto Connect has offered the ability to subscribe to an individual patient (get alerted for all messages for that specific patient). Our new prescriber-based notifications allow an Alto Connect user to subscribe to updates for all patients for a given prescriber (get alerted for all messages for all patients with scripts written by that prescriber).

Alto Connect is designed to keep you off the phone, away from the fax machine, and focused on your patients. Our existing patient-based subscription functionality allowed users to get targeted notifications about patients, but required active management in the patient directory to keep up to date on all needed subscriptions. Opting into a prescriber’s notifications means it’s easier to get all updates on the patients you care about, with fewer steps.

What specifically did we change?

  • Prescriber Notifications: Select which prescribers at your practice you would like to follow; by following or subscribing to a prescriber, the user will receive email alerts when there are pending pharmacy actions requiring attention.

  • Revamped Settings page: Your user profile and notifications settings are now at the top of the page; click into the “Notifications Settings” module to add (or remove) prescribers that you want to receive updates on.

  • Revamped Patient Directory filters: Filter the patient directory listing by notification status: all, following, not following; this filter will show all individual patients you have subscribed to, both individually and by prescriber.

Alto Connect is a complimentary service that allows prescribers and clinic staff to track prescriptions, view medication histories and message directly with the Alto Pharmacy care team. By streamlining prior authorization workflows and coordinating with insurance companies, Alto Connect helps clinical teams stay focused on patient care.

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, please email or reach out to your Partnerships Manager.