New From Alto: Medication Reminders & Auto Refills

Nov 12, 2020


Alto Pharmacy

Set automated medication dose reminders and enroll in automatic refills for future deliveries

Today we’re releasing two updates to our mobile app experience to help you stay on track with your medications and never miss your next fill. These new features are a key part of Alto’s goals to provide more control and convenience in managing your medications.


Busy schedules mean it can be hard to remember when to take your medications. Alto’s new Reminders will alert you when it’s time for your next dose. Manage multiple medication schedules throughout the day, and track your progress with a quick tap in the app.

How to get started:

  • Head to the new Reminders feature in the app’s main menu.

  • Select the active prescription you’d like to set a reminder for.

  • Input the specifics of your medication’s schedule: days of the week, times of day, amounts.

  • The app will send you a push notification at the scheduled time.

  • Once you've taken your medication, check off the dose in the app to track your progress.

Auto Refills

Set it and forget it with Auto Refills. Turn on Auto Refills when scheduling your next delivery to get your future refills delivered automatically. We’ll reach out to remind you when the next fill is on it’s way so you can review any price changes and make updates to the delivery location or timing if needed.

You can opt into Auto Refills in two ways:

  • From your Medications list: Open an active prescription in your Medications list. You’ll be able to view medication details, your last copay and next available delivery date, as well as the new Auto Refill option. Turn it on for any medications that you’d like to have future fills delivered automatically.

  • From your cart: Turn on Auto Refills for any active prescriptions currently in your cart during checkout. Toggle the setting on for any prescriptions with refills remaining.

Auto Refill settings are also available on the Alto desktop app and mobile web experiences (visit Auto Refills are only available for medications that have refills remaining on the prescription and are not available for controlled substances. Some insurance plans may also limit automatic refills.

If you are out of refills, you can request a refill from your doctor directly or ask Alto to request one for you via the “Request For Refills” option in the app. 

Download the Alto mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store today.