A Guide to Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ Fertility Medication Savings Programs

Jan 31, 2022


Alto Pharmacy

While fertility preservation treatments like egg freezing and IVF are significant investments of time and resources, there are many ways to lower or manage the costs of treatment. As you prepare for the financial aspects of treatment, be sure to explore all of your options for financial assistance and savings, including patient assistance programs from fertility medication manufacturers.

If Alto is your fertility pharmacy, your fertility medication protocol may include medications manufactured by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, which has several financial assistance programs that offset the cost of fertility medications. Here’s more on eligibility for these programs and how to apply.


The OneHeart program provides a $200 rebate for out-of-pocket costs for select Ferring fertility medications. Eligibility is for those with no insurance coverage or commercial health insurance plans. In addition, you must have started your ovarian stimulation cycle between June 1, 2020 and June 30, 2022, with all medications purchased by June 30, 2022.

Learn more about program terms and conditions and the application process.


The HeartFelt program helps individuals whose cycles were canceled due to COVID-19 or a natural disaster resume fertility treatment. It offers medication replacement for up to 15 vials of Menopur® and up to five syringes of Fyremadel™ (ganirelix acetate) depending on the amount of medication used in the canceled cycle. Eligibility is for those with no insurance coverage or commercial insurance coverage.

To learn more about program terms and conditions and the application process, download the HeartFelt brochure on Ferring’s patient resources page.


The HeartTomorrow program provides Menopur® at $68 per vial for those undergoing an elective egg freezing cycle. To be eligible, you must be paying cash for your fertility medications and purchase a minimum of 20 vials in your first fill.

Learn more about program terms and conditions and the application process.

Heart for Heroes

The Heart for Heroes program provides IVF medications at no cost to eligible military veterans who have experienced infertility due to a service-related injury or who do not have insurance coverage for fertility medications. To learn more about terms and conditions and the application process, call 1-800-515-3784.

HeartBeat Program

The HeartBeat program provides select fertility medications at no cost for cancer patients. To be eligible, you must be a female U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a cancer diagnosis who has not received chemotherapy within the previous six months. To learn more about terms and conditions and the application process, call 1-888-347-3415. (Residents of Arkansas, Massachusetts, or New Jersey can call 1-877-252-0553.)

Additional financial resources

If your fertility medications are manufactured by EMD Serono, read our previous post for an overview of EMD Serono’s patient assistance programs. You can also read our previous posts on managing the costs of fertility treatment to learn about additional financial resources, including Alto’s financial support for fertility medications:

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We’re here for you during fertility treatment

At Alto, we understand that fertility treatment is a physical, emotional, and financial investment, and we offer support with all aspects of your fertility journey.

We prioritize your financial wellness, working with your doctor, your insurance (if applicable), and any third party savings programs that you may qualify for to make your medications as affordable as possible. In addition to automatically applying any coupon savings, we’ll connect you with any outside programs that require you to apply directly.

We’re here to help with the rest of the process, too, with fast, reliable delivery of your medications, temperature controlled packaging, and fertility resources like personalized injection guide videos and one-on-one consultations with fertility-trained pharmacists.

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