Meet Ramiah Martin, VP, Operations & Supply Chain

Oct 28, 2021


Alto Pharmacy

We’re excited to welcome Ramiah Martin to Alto as Vice President, Operations & Supply Chain. Prior to joining Alto, Ramiah was Senior Director of Operations at Amazon, where he developed the strategic vision for the company’s operations and led a cross-functional team in implementing new processes and technologies to streamline use of resources.

His dedication to continually improving the customer experience is matched by a passion for healthcare change, and we could not be more thrilled to have Ramiah on the team. Here’s more on what drew him to Alto and the opportunities he’s most excited about, in his own words. 

Welcome to Alto! What inspired you to join the team?

When I first learned about Alto, its mission and values stood out to me first and foremost. I immediately felt a strong connection with the company’s mission of improving the quality of people’s lives through medicine and its commitment to putting customers first.

I was compelled by the opportunity to truly make a positive impact and help transform an industry that is both in need of improvement and slow to evolve. Through my previous experiences in operations management at Amazon and UPS, I know that streamlined processes can have a massive impact on a company’s results. At Alto, all of those efforts to innovate and maximize efficiency are in the service of driving broader change within pharmacy and healthcare.

I also appreciated that Alto is intentional about investing in talent representative of the communities we serve. As we continue to grow, and our customer base diversifies, it’s critical to have that diversity represented in the people building our new model for pharmacy care.

What is the focus of your role and what opportunities are you excited about?

As Vice President of Operations & Supply Chain, I’m focused on creating a scalable and sustainable organization, ensuring that as we grow, we continue to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers.

We have a great opportunity to ensure that individuals who have been historically underserved by medicine receive the standard of care that they deserve. I believe in the product — we make it as simple as possible to manage your health and learn more about medication and pricing, and our customers’ medication adherence rates are far above industry standards. I know there’s a lot more we can accomplish, and it’s a privilege to lead a team that’s united by a bold vision for healthcare.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love movies, except for horror (Michael Jackson's “Thriller” video and Children of the Corn scarred me). I will go to the movies by myself as long as I have my Cherry Coke. It’s my way of shutting off my brain for an hour or two and relaxing.

You can find more information about Ramiah or connect with him directly on LinkedIn. If you have any questions about Alto, or are interested in joining our team, please visit