Round Health Joins Alto Pharmacy

Dec 3, 2020


Alto Pharmacy

Today, we're joining Alto Pharmacy! We wanted to share why this is so exciting for our team and everyone who relies on Round.

A single problem has galvanized our efforts over the last two years: nonadherence. A whopping 50% of patients in the US struggle to take their prescriptions as directed. This results in an estimated 125,000 deaths each year (NYT). Round and Alto share a mission to make sure more people can reap all the benefits of medicine. Joining forces means we can push that deadly nonadherence number ever lower.

So far, Alto has focused on people getting their prescriptions (primary adherence): simplifying opaque insurance policies, delivering medicines straight to homes and offices, and partnering closely with doctors to ensure the best care. They’ve served 25,000 patients devotedly, all while maintaining a perfect 5 star rating.

And at Round, we’ve tackled getting people to actually take their medicine (secondary adherence). Our reminder app gets to know the patterns and rhythms of your daily life, nudging you more effectively. We’re proud to help 90,000 users every month. And we’ve reimagined the pill bottle, making each part more communicative. We hope it becomes just as durable a part of your lives.

But we know most people don’t think in terms of primary and secondary adherence. Instead, the question is simpler: Can I get my medicine and all of the benefits from taking it? Together, Round and Alto can now help along the full chain of a prescription, from the time it leaves your doctor’s pen or computer to the time you successfully take your dose.

What does this mean for current users? Nothing will change about the app you love! Alto will continue to maintain it. And if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, try using Alto for your next prescription — we think you’ll find a lot to like.