The Unexpected Benefit of Being Stuck Home for the Holidays

Dec 14, 2020


Alto Pharmacy

Our holiday cheer has taken a hit this year. We’ve found ourselves stringing up lights on the heels of a country-wide surge in COVID-19 infections. The CDC has advised that the safest way to celebrate the holidays is with members of our own households. We’d already reckoned with the loss of office holiday parties and made peace with socially-distanced Santa, but the idea of confining our holiday festivities to our own four walls has taken some time to sink in. 

We won’t pretend it will be easy to wish loved ones “Happy Holidays” from afar. Yet, if the true spirit of the season is rooted in togetherness, what better way to honor it than protecting those we love and our community at large? 

After all, there might be benefits to skipping this year’s daylong road trip to mom’s house and no longer feeling obligated to attend an endless list of holiday soirees. When have we ever ended a year with so much extra time? From enjoying a holiday staycation to finally tackling a long-awaited project, here are ten ways we can make the most of being stuck home for the holidays.

The Gift of Time

1) Rearrange the Furniture in a Room

Take a day to give your home space an upgrade. Moving around the furniture can be surprisingly impactful, but won’t send you running to the store or blowing your budget.

2) Take an Online Workshop

Use this time to learn a new skill or delve into a topic that intrigues you. For best results, choose a class that you can complete over the course of several days. You might try Harvard and MIT founded edX, which lists free courses from top-ranked universities. To flex your creative muscles and learn a new craft, try Skillshare, which offers a Premium membership but also thousands of free classes. 

3) Rewatch Your Favorite TV Series

If you’re craving a couch marathon, but feel like you’ve watched the entire TV lineup over the past several months, consider revisiting an old favorite and looking for details you’ve never noticed before. 

4) Plan Your Dream Vacation

Remind yourself that this current reality is temporary and one day we’ll be free to travel again. Plan the first trip you’d like to take, giving yourself time to really explore your ideal location in-depth. 

5) Clean Out Your Cabinets

Not your ideal holiday activity? Well, consider this: if you’re anything like the majority of us, the backs of your cabinets could hold items you haven’t seen in years. You’re almost certain to uncover a few surprises. 

6) Plan an At-Home Weekend Retreat

If you’ve ever thought longingly about a weekend of yoga and meditation, creative writing and painting, or connecting with nature, this may finally be your moment. Simply choose a time frame, plan a gentle agenda, and prep your meals ahead of time. Don’t forget to let loved ones know that you’re trying to unplug, so you can keep calls and texts to a minimum.

7) Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Why not devote some time to your favorite housemate this holiday season? The challenge of working out the trick is a great bonding experience, provided you use plenty of patience and positive reinforcement. For some great tips, check out this article on Dogster

8) Host a Game Night 

Whether you go for classic (Monopoly), wholesome (Candyland), quick-thinking (Taboo), or hilarious (What Do You Meme?), a night of games with your family, partner, or roommates is sure to entertain. If you live alone or want to include more people in the fun, set up a virtual game night. Many popular games have online versions you can use. 

9) Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Have you dreamed of visiting the Smithsonian or wandering the halls of the Louvre? Many of the most famous museums in the world now offer online tours that will make you feel like you’re in the room.

10) Avoid Long Lines at the Pharmacy

Whether you choose to spend your time being productive or relaxed, on a set schedule or simply winging it, there’s one activity we don’t recommend: going to the pharmacy. If you have new prescriptions or refills to pick up, there’s no need to drive to the pharmacy and wait in line. Instead, leave your prescriptions to us and cue up the next module in your online course or episode of TV. We’ll hand-deliver your medications right to your door, then stay on call to answer your questions and provide support. It’s the gift of time—all year long.

We’re wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season.