Women Leading the Way

Dec 2, 2020


Alto Pharmacy

On International Women’s Day, we’d like to celebrate the women of Alto. Every day, they care for patients, fill prescriptions, build products, and drive growth.

By the numbers, 63% of our employees, 40% of the executive team, and 60% of people leaders on product and engineering are women. In comparison, 20% of tech jobs are held by women and only 11 percent of executive positions at Silicon Valley companies.

This amazing representation was made possible by the company mission and values. The founders recognized that improving the pharmacy experience for a diverse population of patients meant Alto had to be a diverse company, capable of understanding and empathizing with everyone we serve.

Recruiting this talented mix of people has been one of our greatest successes, and today, our team has a broad representation of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Diversity and inclusion is never a solved problem. We still and always will have room to improve, and will continue working hard to ensure D&I are prioritized as we continue to grow.


  • Focus at Alto: Providing the best care to Alto’s patients

  • Why did you join Alto? I was originally drawn to Alto for the opportunity to work at a pharmacy that was questioning the status quo and because, quite frankly, I could not possibly fathom how a pharmacy could have so many positive Yelp! reviews and I needed to see it with my own eyes. I quickly learned that the “Patients Come First” mentality was not just for show — it is brought to life every day through our incredible team and serves as the North Star for every strategic decision we make as a company.

  • Background: CVS Health, Walgreens, Northeastern

JOY FORSYTHE, Director of Security

  • Focus at Alto: Keeping patient and provider information secure

  • Why did you join Alto? As a parent and patient, I am constantly frustrated by how hard it is to interact with doctors and data, in the name of security and privacy. I believe that we can secure patient data, protect their privacy and still make care accessible and convenient. I joined Alto Pharmacy because their passion for patients aligned so well with this belief. Alto feels like the kind of place I can be impactful. Also, the day I interviewed, they had a holiday cookie exchange and I’m a sucker for homemade baked goods.

  • Background: Mango Health, HP, Fortify Software, MIT

ANNIE MA, Product Manager

  • Focus at Alto: Building products that simplify medication management and improve health outcomes

  • Why did you join Alto? I love working on complex problems and creating user-friendly products to improve people’s lives. Everyone is a patient at some point in their lives, and we can make the experience so much better! The team here rallies around that mission, and approaches each decision with openness, rigorous intellectual honesty, and the desire to improve patients’ lives.

  • Background: Tesla, Boku, Intuit, QuestBridge, Stanford

FRANCES SCHENDLEGeneral Manager of Fertility

  • Focus at Alto: Developing and growing Alto’s Fertility Services

  • Why did you join Alto? In all my years in healthcare, I have never heard of a pharmacy creating an awesome experience for patients and clinicians! I wanted to be a part of this team’s mission to make healthcare simpler and more affordable for patients. The fertility space is a particularly meaningful area for me, as it is growing quickly but is still such a confusing and expensive journey. I believe Alto’s technology and dedicated fertility team are making this a more positive experience, and I’m excited to share that with more women and families.

  • Background: Bain, Princeton, Wharton

EMILY SHORTProduct Manager

  • Focus at Alto: Building products that transform pharmacy operations

  • Why did you join Alto? The two most important factors for me in a career move are 1) a clear, compelling company mission and 2) a strong yet humble team. When I met the Alto team, I was thrilled to find not only these attributes, but so much more to love. The founders set out to solve a hard problem, bought a brick and mortar pharmacy to learn the ropes, developed empathy with doctors, pharmacists and patients, and then built products that solved some of their thorniest problems. This approach demonstrates a hard-to-find mix of drive, fearlessness, humility and talent that I saw in droves as I met the rest of the Alto team. As someone who believes healthcare has to be so much better, I’m thrilled to spend my day contributing to that mission, with a team that inspires me… and shares lots of laughs every day!

  • Background: Granular, Inkling, BrightRoll, Apple, MIT, Berkeley